About us

Cozy Noze is the invention of professional nature photographer and glasses wearer Lori Diemer. Living along the shores of Lake Erie, Lori knows a thing or two about the rituals and foggy glasses sacrifice of staying warm. 

When some friends invited her to join them on a photography trip to Yellowstone National Park one January, Lori learned that temperatures were going to be -10 to -30 degrees. She was determined to find a way to keep her nose warm, and her eyeglasses from fogging up for this trip.   

“Before Cozy Noze, while wearing a typical neck warmer, warm air from breathing escaped up the sides of my nose and fogged my glasses. I tried all types of face masks and warmers, but none could keep my glasses from fogging up. So, I engineered Cozy Noze and was able to walk outdoors and photograph with clear glasses,” Lori says. 

With a simple pinch of the soft trim around the nose, the Cozy Noze Neck Warmer effectively blocks the warm breath from escaping and fogging eyeglasses in cold temperatures.

Cozy Noze is the perfect neck and nose warmer for anyone who wears glasses or sunglasses while enjoying being outdoors in colder weather. Even for non-eyeglass folks, Cozy Noze keeps necks and noses warm and blocks breathing in the chilly frigid air.

“I’m happiest anytime I can be outside with my camera," Lori says. “You’ll find me out there taking pictures year-round, and now, after a big lake-effect winter snowstorm, I can photograph with clear glasses. 

Cozy Noze. Handmade by Lori Diemer. Patent Pending.

After placing Cozy Noze over your head, position the Sherpa fleece trim over the middle of your nose and lightly ‘pinch’ the trim to either side of your nose. The trim will stay secure and block breath from escaping upwards, around your nose, and fogging up your glasses. Cozy Nose 100 percent polyester neck warmers are machine washable in cold water and can be safely tumble dried on low in the dryer.